Patch Cable Bundle - Mastermind Stereo

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Handcrafted Pedalboard Cables

Get all the cables you need for your looper all in one place! Our Mastermind bundle will save you the trouble of sourcing out all the right cables for your rig and let you get to playing. 


4x 8 in. patch cables 

4x 12 in. patch cables 

2x 18 in. patch cables 

2x 24 in. patch cables 

4x 18 in. stereo splitter patch cables 

4x 24 in. stereo splitter patch cables 

Here at Runway Audio, we have worked hard to make the best cable — so why let that stop at your pedalboard? Our custom patch cables are hand-soldered to the exact length you need. We use a thinner version of our instrument leads with the same super-low capacitance. Our custom patch cables have a 95% braided shielding so that you get full protection from interference regardless of how the cables bend along your board. 

Available in a variety of lengths and terminations, you'll be able to find a pedalboard patch cable the exact length you need to perfectly fit your board. Each cable is custom built in Nashville, TN. If you don't see the one you need, just use our custom shop form and we'll adjust your pedalboard patch cable to the exact length that you want.

Each cable is custom made and may take up to 2 weeks to ship. We stand behind our product with a 2-year manufacturer guarantee. 


Capacitance — 20pF/ft

Shielding — 95% Braided

Gauge — 24 AWG


RA — Right Angle G&H Plug

SP — SquarePlugs SP400

HP— G&H Half-Profile Plug

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