You can now check out the third installment of Runway Audio’s podcast! This month, we talked with the Founder/CEO of Interchange Noise Works, Jared “JJ” Johnson.


Interchange Noise Works is a boutique guitar pedal company started by JJ in 2016 when he was a sophomore in high school. His vision was for a company that sold less expensive, but still high quality guitar pedals. Initially operating under the name “Power Pedals”, the company’s first product was a light for your pedalboard called the “Stage Lamp”. Later on, JJ met fellow pedal-maker, Brandon Schock of “Professor Pedalz”. With Brandon, JJ worked on his first guitar pedal which was the early version of the current “On Air” boost and fuzz pedal available now. Around the time he went to college, JJ sent one of the “On Air” pedals to Josh Scott of JHS Pedals as a thank you for inspiring him to create his own pedals. A few months later, JJ was surprised to see his pedal being featured on the JHS show! Through this, Interchange received many inquiries about their pedals from viewers of the show. All this attention revitalized JJ to take up the art of pedal creating again. 

JJ and Austin went on to talk about brand loyalty and how important it is to keep products consistent. The two touched upon how Runway served as a mentor and example to follow for Interchange and how they were instrumental in getting the company traction and giving advice. Runway Audio is excited to see how JJ and Interchange will grow and are eager to assist in any way we can! Building a community of artists and musicians around Interchange is a next step for him as he looks toward the future. Along with this, Interchange is looking forward to the success of their recently released “Streamline Series” of pedals which contains the I (a fizzy overdrive), the II (a lighter overdrive), and the III (classic distortion). You can check out a demo of these pedals on the Pedal of the Day’s YouTube channel. JJ plans to release a follow up trilogy to the first “Streamline Series” so stay tuned for upcoming releases from Interchange! There might even be a Runway/Interchange collaboration in the future!

A big thank you again to JJ for coming on to talk with us for this episode of the Runway Audio podcast and we are pumped to see what the future has in store for Interchange! Be sure to check out Interchange’s website below for great pedals!!! For great cables for those great pedals, check out Runway Audio’s products!


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March 31, 2022 — Austin Woodruff

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