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Our instrument cables are made with low-capacitance cabling at 20pF/ft, meaning they have the least amount of tone loss from any cable on the market. We use 20 AWG wire with 95% braided shielding all encased in Techflex for tour-grade protection and style.


ST - Straight Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug
RA - Right Angle Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug

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We stand behind our product with a Lifetime Manufacturer guarantee.

Custom Instrument Cables in Nashville

Here at Runway Audio, we have worked hard to create a custom instrument cable that lives up to our standards. We wanted a high-end instrument cable that preserved tone and minimized signal loss. Low-quality cables can cut off high frequencies and make instruments sound flat and muffled. Our goal was to make a cable that looked great and stood out as a piece of a musician's gear—no longer just an afterthought.

This instrument lead fulfills our goals. With one of the lowest capacitances in the industry, our Nashville-made high-end instrument cables minimize tone loss, especially in the high end frequencies. This preserves your tone, so your playing can sound like it was meant to. The cable's outer sleeving lets it shine in awesome colors as well as protect it from the world and help it to wrap cleanly.

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What Makes a
Runway Audio
Cable a Runway
Audio Cable?


20 AWG
Wiring with 95%
Braided Shielding
& 20pF/ft

G&H Plugs

Gold &
Gunmetal Casings
with Straight or


Style &

Heat Shrink

& Ground

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Greg Manahan
Top Quality Cables

I didn't think that I would be able to tell the difference between this and one of my other cables. I was wrong. Don't use cheap cables with an expensive guitar and amplifier. This proves the old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I will be buying more of these.

Joe Lafreniere
Professional cables!

I picked up a 15ft straight to 90% black out cable and wanted to see if they are as good as advertised! I did a head to head with my 12ft Analysis Plus cable, it is going on 10 years of owning it. They are almost sonically identical. I absolutely love my Plus cable that I own and was looking for a competitive but less expensive backup. These are a fantastic deal on a great cable! You will be amazed at the evenness of the sound quality! Best cable for the price and sound quality out there, if it is as durable as it sounds I will be picking up another one for my precision bass!

William H.
Sounds Like More Guitar

Returning customer. Love the red Runway guitar cable I've already got. Definitely fuller sounding than the Mogami gold I've been using, but still well-balanced across the strings. Just sounds like more guitar!

Jerry Doherty
No Cloudy Day

I don’t do reviews. Period. But I’m doing this one for Runaway Audio.
Get these. Don’t wait. Your tube amp and your band will thank you.
Full body, less filling. Don’t it. Thank me later. Touring guitarist for 56 years.

Woody Beckner

Killin cable, my second, one for each guitar!