Instagram is filled with loads of valuable information on guitars and gear. Knowing where to look and who to trust is key to learning and acquiring the right gear. We know it can be hard and time-consuming to find the right channels so we compiled a list of pages we feel are informative and useful. Check it out!
Guitar and Gear (@guitarandgear)
Tone, tips, and tricks! Gear can be useless if you don’t know how to use it! Along with showing off some great products, Guitar and Gear also gives great insight on how to make your gear work at its highest capability. Most gear pages tell you about the features of their product and what makes them unique but many skip over how to actually utilize the gear in the best way. Guitar and Gear stands out as being one of the few spots where you can find sweet gear and read useful information about the products as well as playing and recording. Guitar and Gear leaves no question unanswered. 


Gearphoria (@gearphoria)

Gearphoria is a magazine that covers the industry of boutique guitar and spreads the word about new endeavors in small shop guitar, amps, and pedal manufacturing. Along with an instagram page, Gearphoria also has a website that houses its reviews on guitars, amps, and pedals. This is a magazine I (or you) would actually read!


Gideon Boley (@gideonboley

For how-to’s, splendid playing, and a personal touch, check out Runway artist, Gideon Boley! Nashville’s Gideon bunches lessons, humor, and gear all into one on his page. If you like even one of these you’ll love his content!


Pedal of the day (pedaloftheday)

Do you want a new pedal? Every day? Well this page is the place for you! Good luck keeping up with Pedal of the Day and all the great content they consistently put out concerning those little boxes that make us who we are. With some of the best demos on instagram, this page gives people what they want without the fluff. Your scrolling thumb will be well rested after visiting this channel as every post is attention-worthy.


Guitar Pedal Shoppe (@guitarpedalshoppe)

Showcasing some really beautiful pedals, Guitar Pedal Shoppe is definitely a must if a pedal’s art is as important as its sound (we know it can be). Good luck leaving this page without wanting to buy at least a few pedals! With an enormous catalog of exquisite products, Guitar Pedal Shoppe is a page you won’t want to miss!


Shnoble Tone (@shnobeltone)

Professional-style reviews and sweet pedalboards are all over this channel! Add modding to the list and this becomes the perfect page for any guitarist whether their interests are broad or specific.


Did you like this list of guitar gear influencers? These are the people we look to in order to help us stay informed on new happenings in the guitar gear industry. Check them out, give them a follow, and tell them Runway Audio sent you! Also let us know who else to look to for great info on gear! Drop a comment on this blog and let us know what gear pages you like!

March 29, 2022 — Austin Woodruff

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