Raising The Bar

Here at Runway Audio we strive to bring attention to a severely overlooked part of a musician’s gear, their cable. Would you put cheap wheels on a Lamborghini? Then why have a cheap cable for your guitar? Our cables aim to make your rig sound as clear as that is the true purpose for a cable.

What Makes Our Cables Special

Our cables have the lowest capacitance on the market at 20 picofarads per foot. Capacitance refers to the ability to store an electric charge, the lower this is, the less tone your cable sucks from your guitar on the way to the amp. We also utilize braided shielding as opposed to foil or spiral shielding usually used on instrument cables which effectively protects against interference even when the cable is bent or spiraled. Our cables are also run through techflex which protects it from being stepped on, slashed, or tangled.

Nashville Local

Located in the Marathon Music Works building in Nashville, TN, Runway Audio has the opportunity to be front and center to a thriving music venue in a rapidly expanding music city. We have been lucky to work with many local musicians who share our love for gear as well as great music. Our experience with these musicians has allowed us to understand what they need and better cater to that. Because of this, we have been able to garner an impressive collection of artists.

Building A Connection

Our prime Nashville location has also enabled us to work with local music companies such as Interchange Noise Works. Owned by local Nashvillian Jared “JJ” Johnson, Interchange is a pedal company which is currently powering Runway Audio’s pedal mod shop and also collaborating with Runway on a few soon to be released products.

Dealers Near You

Not from Nashville?
We have dealers across the country selling our cables.

Custom Pedalboard Setups

Looking for help on building or organizing a pedalboard? We provide personal service in creating a pedalboard that achieves the sound an artist desires while making their board look as neat and orderly as possible. Contact us and we will give you the help you need!

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Meet Our Staff

Austin Woodruff


Austin grew up in Denver, Colorado playing music in a few indie bands, loving gear and loving music. He moved to Nashville and earned a Music Business degree at Belmont University. He started Runway Audio in the spring of 2016.

Favorite Band: The Maine

Best Live Show: Parachute at The Cannery Ballroom 2015

Favorite Pedal: Strymon BigSky

Evan Peters

Marketing Director

After growing up in Michigan and earning a degree in songwriting and music production from Berklee College of Music, Evan moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting and a career in the music industry. Evan is a multi-instrumentalist who loves a variety of music including everything from Issues to Jimmy Buffet...

Favorite Band: Zac Brown Band

Best Live Show: Old Dominion at The Deltaplex Arena 2018

Favorite Pedal: Snark Clip-on Tuner

Elijah Buist

Shop Floor Manager

Elijah was raised in Eden, North Carolina where his love for music began at the young age of 7. This started with learning guitar and then moving to bass, keys, banjo, and mandolin. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership at Belmont University.

Favorite Band: The Avett Brothers

Best Live Show: Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit at The Ryman 2021

Favorite Pedal: HX Stomp