About Us

By Musicians for Musicians

In 2016, Runway Audio was founded by Austin Woodruff and Tyler Traeger, two friends and musicians who set out to create the best cables they could offer.  We realized that cables can be easily overlooked in the scheme of a musicians setup and wanted to create a brand of cable that could be trusted for only offering the best. 

Runway Audio is located in Nashville, Tennessee and serves musicians around the country and even the globe. We've been lucky enough to work with everyone from touring musicians to bedroom purists and enjoyed every moment. If you'd like to get in touch with us or have any questions about our company, please don't hesitate to contact us

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Austin Woodruff
Austin grew up in Denver, Colorado playing music in a few indie bands, loving gear and loving music. He moved to Nashville and earned a Music Business degree at Belmont University. He started Runway Audio in the spring of 2016.

Favorite Band:
The Maine

Best Live Show:
Parachute at The Cannery Ballroom 2015

Favorite Pedal:
Strymon BigSky
Chris Dunkley
Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Chris moved to Nashville in 2015 to pursue a degree in Music Business from Belmont University. He developed a passion for guitar gear at a young age and carried that passion to Runway Audio, joining the team in early 2018.

Favorite Band:
Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown

Best Live Show:
Bon Iver at Bonnaroo 2018

Favorite Pedal:
Analog Man Prince of Tone
Sean Newell
Sean is from Miami, Florida, and moved to Nashville in 2016 to study Audio Engineering Technology and Computer Science at Belmont University. He plays a Fender Jag through a Fender Bassman for those sweet vintage tones.

Favorite Band:

Best Live Show:
The Eagles at Bridgestone Arena 2018

Favorite Pedal:
Strymon El Capistan