Delay Pedals

One great way to liven up your guitar playing is with a delay pedal. Whether it be a short slap delay, a rhythmic dotted-eight delay, or a long and subtle delay sound to fill out solos, a delay pedal can be magical. With all of the delay pedals out there on the market, it can seem daunting to begin the process of buying one. Here are three of our favorites that might give you a good idea of where to begin!
February 15, 2019 by Sean Newell

What is a pedalboard setup and why do I need one?

For some, the answer to that question is “You are right, you don’t need us to do it!” But in many situations, there is a whole world of tonal possibilities that is entirely cut off due to a poor setup and subpar components. Today we are going to walk you through the three main reasons why getting your board setup may be the right decision for you.

February 01, 2019 by Chris Dunkley

Reverb Pedals

One of the most important parts of any worship guitar player’s tone is their reverb. A reverb pedal typically emulates one of three types reverb: spring, room/hall, or plate, but will often times have all three functions on a single unit. We have picked our favorite reverb pedals at varying price points to serve as a guide to worship guitar players from amateur to professional.

November 14, 2018 by Chris Dunkley

Tuner Pedals

One of the most important parts of any pedalboard is the tuner pedal. Whether
you’re playing to 50 people or 50,000 people, the easiest way to lose the listeners
attention is to play an out of tune guitar.

November 14, 2018 by Chris Dunkley