We sat down and figured out what every guitar player needs to keep his or her chops up during quarantine! 


Runway Audio Instrument Cable:

You might find yourself in your room playing guitar and you could be wondering: What could I possibly do to improve my tone? A brand new cable might be the fix you are looking for. Our cables have incredibly low capacitance, American-made G&H plugs, and look incredible. We stand by our cables with a lifetime warranty, meaning this cable will last forever! If you’re looking for a fun way to treat yourself, head over to our website and customize your brand new cable.  

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New Patch Cables: 

There is no better time than right now to clean up that cluttered pedalboard. With all these hours, you can spend time making sure your equipment is good to go when this is all over. One of the most common problems on pedalboards is the patch cables. More often than not, they are not custom to your specific board (making them too long or short) or you run the risk of having them short out. Our custom patch cables solve both of those issues. Our patch cables are made with the same fidelity cabling as our instrument cables can be customized however you want. You pick the length and the plugs! 

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Now is the perfect time for some guitar maintenance. The number one way to revive my instrument, in my opinion, is whenever I put on a fresh set of strings. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your strings, that means it is definitely time to change them. New strings allow your guitar to function at its best and can even help you rediscover why you loved that guitar in the first place. This might also be the time to try something new with your strings. Try a different gauge or look for a new brand. If you ask us, you should try our friends at Stringjoy. These are strings that are handmade in Nashville, TN (just like us!) and they sound awesome! Not to mention you are also supporting a small business. 

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Guitar Cleaning Tools: 

It’s time to get that guitar nice and shiny again! We all know how good it feels once we have taken the time to clean our axes. There are some great affordable cleaners on Amazon by Music Nomad, Dunlop, and more! 

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Audio Interface :

This is a tool that every home musician should have. An interface can unlock so many opportunities for your bedroom or wherever you want to record. Anyone can use them and they work with any DAW you have. They make recording yourself pretty easy and it’s fun to take time and learn this valuable skill. Try to write a new song, learn a new software, or even collaborate remotely with friends and record a track that way. If you have a Mac, you can use your interface and electric guitar with GarageBand and try out all the amps and crazy sounds on there. With this one tool, you can unlock hours of creative possibilities.

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New Pedal: 

One of the easiest ways to spark creativity is to buy a new pedal for your board. This new pedal doesn’t always have to be a $300 delay with a crazy number of controls. You can get many pedals for under $100. TC Electronic and Ibanez both have lines of mini pedals that you can get for under $100 each. You might want to branch out and try something new on your board. One budget pedal we love here at Runway is the TC Electronic June-60 chorus pedal. This is the coolest looking chorus pedal possible and is super simple. With only two buttons, you can get classic chorus sounds right out of the box. Best of all, the pedal can be had for around $48 (an absolute steal). To hear the pedal in action and get more information, check out our demo of the pedal we released.


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Looper Pedal

When you're hanging out by yourself in your room, this might be the most fun you can have. Using a looper pedal, you can record yourself playing and then play over it. You can have multiple layers and create an entire soundscape by yourself. This makes a great way to feel like you’re playing with others, but while also staying healthy in your home. Looper pedals can go from small loopers with a single footswitch to larger units with the ability to store your favorite loops. If you are curious about the world of looper pedals, we recommend trying the TC Electronic Ditto Looper (Or boss RC-1, I don’t mind which one). This is a simple unit to use and doesn’t take up too much space on any rig. 

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Korg Volca Beats Drum Machine

For isolation jams, a new drum machine will be the perfect partner. You can create beats you have never before imagined. When hanging out this quarantine, experiment with new sounds and see what you can create. It’s also just awesome to practice with a drummer. 

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Guitar picks 

This could be the time to restock your picks. Are you running low? Have you wanted to try a new kind of pick? This is your time! Picks can bring new sounds or even help you play a riff in a brand new way. Make sure that next time you see your band, you don’t have to borrow one for the other guitar players. Not cool. 

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Taylor Swift - Easy Guitar Anthology

When you have all this free time, you might find yourself looking for something new to play. This is the answer! For every guitar player, these are the songs that will fill the hours. Come on, everyone loves Taylor Swift. The catchy choruses, the teenage romance, the pop/country crossover of the decade. Taylor Swift is an icon and this book has songs spanning the length of her career. From “You Belong With Me” to “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” this is the book you want to get. For under $20, you get the notes and tab for every song. Just trust us on this one, and enjoy. 

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March 19, 2020 — Max Creech

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