The Enduring Allure: A History of Tube Guitar Amps

The Enduring Allure: A History of Tube Guitar Amps

In this exploration, we'll delve into the rich history of the tube amp, tracing its evolution from a niche innovation to the cornerstone of electric guitar tone. We'll meet the pioneers who pushed boundaries, explore the iconic sounds born from glowing tubes, and understand why, even in the age of digital modeling, tube amps continue to hold a special place in the hearts (and ears) of guitarists worldwide.
March 28, 2024 — Austin Woodruff

Guitar Gifts That Won't Break the Bank 2020

This holiday season, the team at Runway has gotten together to make a gift guide that WON’T break the bank. Whether buying gifts for friends or even yourself, these gifts will be a hit. 

December 07, 2020 — Max Creech

Signal Chain Basics

When you’re just starting into building a pedalboard, it’s crazy to look at some of your favorite guitarists boards and think “How does that even work?” or “How did they put that all together?” Let me tell you, that board didn’t just appear. Many guitar players go through multiple boards and many pedals to finally reach the setup they are using now, typically getting more complex with each iteration. But everyone has to start somewhere! And that’s what we are exploring today: the basics of your first signal chain.

What You Need to Know About In-Ear Monitors

What You Need to Know About In-Ear Monitors

When deciding what type of in-ears to purchase, there a multitude of options to take into consideration, the first being whether you want universal or custom-molded.
September 02, 2019 — Chris Dunkley

The Ins and Outs of Compression

Compression Graph

Compression is extremely important in music and guitar playing today. It can be quite daunting to begin to understand how compression works and what is actually happening to your sound when using a compressor. But don’t fret, by the end of this, you will know exactly what is going on when a compressor is engaged!

What is a pedalboard setup and why do I need one?

For some, the answer to that question is “You are right, you don’t need us to do it!” But in many situations, there is a whole world of tonal possibilities that is entirely cut off due to a poor setup and subpar components. Today we are going to walk you through the three main reasons why getting your board setup may be the right decision for you.

February 01, 2019 — Chris Dunkley