One of the most important parts of any pedalboard is the tuner pedal. Whether
you’re playing to 50 people or 50,000 people, the easiest way to lose the listeners
attention is to play an out of tune guitar. Having a reliable, quick, and easy-to-use
tuner is an absolute must for any live situation. Here are three of our favorites! 


TC Electronic's Polytune 2 Mini

At just $89.99, the TC Electronics Polytune 2 mini is an absolute steal. The Polytune
2 Mini features TC Electronics’ polyphonic tuning technology, meaning the player is
able to view the tuning of all strings at once. The polyphonic function not only
supports standard tuning, but a wide variety of alternate and open tunings that the
player can save as presets. This tuner pedal also features an extra-bright LED
display, accuracy of up to +/- 1 cents on the polyphonic setting, +/- .01 cents
accuracy on the strobe setting, and a footprint half the size of a standard pedal. If
you are looking for a quick, affordable, and accurate tuner the TC Electronics
Polytune 2 Mini is the way to go.


Check it out here!


Boss TU-3

Coming in at $99.99, this rock-solid industry standard is perfect for any board that is being used day in and day out for service after service. Featuring a 21-segment LED screen equipped with BOSS’s Accu-Pitch sign function, it is one of the easiest to read tuners on the market. Outside of its’ incredible functionality, the TU-3 is one of the toughest tuner pedals money can buy. Housed in BOSS’s classic “tank-tough” stombox body, these tuner pedals and nearly indestructible. In addition to is durability, the TU-3 boasts a load of other features including an adjustable reference pitch, accuracy within +/- 1 cent, six different tuning modes, two display modes, and a 9 volt through jack to power additional pedals. This is tuner pedal is a true workhorse and is perfect for anyone that needs a tough and reliable tuner pedal with outstanding accuracy.

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Peterson VSS-C StroboStomp Strobe Tuner

At $199, the Peterson StroboStomp satisfies every imaginable tuning need and then some. Know for its’ extreme accuracy and laundry list of high-end features, the Peterson StroboStomp is one of the highest quality tuner pedals on the market today. Peterson guarantees +/- 0.1 cent note detection accuracy across the entire tuning range of the pedal. On top of the staggering accuracy, the Peterson StroboStomp is fully programmable via USB from mac or PC. The Peterson also integrated an active, onboard DI into the pedal and features 3-stage attenuation allowing for additional volume control. Additionally, this pedal uses Switchcraft jacks, 100% true bypass tuning, sweetened tuning presets for instruments outside of guitar, and integrated pedalboard mounting lugs for ease of setup. This top-of-the-line tuner pedal truly does live up to the expectations. With each feature outdoing the last, the Peterson StroboStomp is truly a player’s pedal that is perfect for professional musicians and churches that need the utmost in performance and accuracy. 


Check it out here!

November 14, 2018 — Chris Dunkley

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