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Instagram, especially within the last few years, has become an incredible source of information for the gear community. There are thousands of quality accounts covering gear reviews and demos. But with so many people dedicating their accounts to guitar gear, it can be a daunting task to figure who to keep up with. Here's who we recommend checking out!

Gideon Boley (@gideonboley)

Nashville gun-slinger and Runway Audio artist, Gideon Boley, is a must follow. Gideon’s stellar playing, exquisite taste in gear, and witty sense of humor make for one of the most entertaining and informative accounts on Instagram!

Gear Talk (@geartalk)

Gear talk is a forum style Instagram account prompting conversation between guitar players over some of the best looking and sounding gear around.

Rhett Shull (@rhettshull)

Rhett Shull is an Atlanta based guitar player, Instagram personality, and vlogger that has exploded over the past year. His Instagram account is a captivating combination of his touring life and an extension of his YouTube account. All of his content is super accessible but captivating and informative.

Shawn Tubbs (@shawn_tubbs_music)

Shawn Tubbs, most famously known for his gig playing for Carrie Underwood, has in recent years made a name for himself within the gear community reviewing and demoing gear. Each of his demos start out with a KILLER original track then dive into a well articulated and informative demo.

Haley Powers (@haleypowersmusic)
She is a local Nashville guitar player/blogger. She brings in some great realistic tips on guitar and gear while also inspiring many young girls to pick up a guitar for the first time.

Shnoble (@shnobeltone)
This guitar pedal modder and reviewer has changed the game for high-quality reviews for some of the smaller brands in the industry.

Nigel Hendroff (@droff)
Nigel is one of the touring guitarists for Hillsong and does a great job at keeping his followers updated on his gear journey. Give him a follow to see what one of the most influential worship guitarists is using at his shows.

The NAMM Show (@thenammshow)
See who and what is at the forefront of the guitar gear industry by following thenammshow. They announce many new products and are a great follow if you wish to be the first to know what is coming out.


Those are some of our favorites guitar gear influencers that help us keep up to date in the world of guitar gear and pedalboards. Make sure to give them a follow and tell them Runway Audio sent you! Of course, there are many other great influencers out there on Instagram and even on many other platforms. Leave a comment on this blog to tell us who we missed!

March 02, 2019 — Chris Dunkley

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