XLR Microphone Cable



Our XLR Cabling is made with 20 AWG wiring and 95% Braided Shielding


Gold tip G&H Plugs with metal enclosure

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Runway Audio XLR Cables

Just like the custom instrument cables, our hand-made XLR cables are built with two simple goals in mind: to preserve your tone and to withstand the rigors of the road. Our XLR cables are made using the highest quality components on the market today. Our G&H plugs boast gold points of contact for ultimate clarity and fullness while the signal travels through 2 conductor 20 AWG stranded high connectivity oxygen-free bare copper, 95% braided shielding cable. Additionally, all cables are wrapped in a rugged and no-knotting TechFlex coating to give the cable extra strength and durability. All our cables come in a variety of colors to make sure your gear pops no matter what gig you are on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Love the new XLRs. Noticeably improved signal. No memory. Excellent build.

Rory Daunheimer
Best cables yet

I purchased a guitar and XLR cable from Runway audio and absolutely love them. Quality is top notch and love the colors on the cables themselves. Quickly became my favorite cables.

David Goodman
Superior Cables!

My first purchase was a guitar cable and there was such a noticeable improvement in the balance of string volume and tone in an already remarkable instrument using an excellent sound system (Maton guitar, AER Colourizer2 preamp,Presonus StudioLive board, QSC K10.2 loudspeakers), that I immediately without hesitation ordered the 20' XLR microphone cable and two 10' XLR cables for the speakers. I recently upgraded from the gold standard Shure 87a mics to a Shure KSM8, which in my opinion as a vocalist who approaches singing with much dynamics, subtlety and clarity, is a superb microphone, and the Subway mic cable was a perfect match! I couldn't be happier. Also, the cables are very sturdy. They don't crumble under your feet if they get stepped on, which happens and is always a concern for damage of the wiring within. They are easy to wrap as well, being so hearty. I cannot say enough about the cables. AND as a side note, it is refreshing to call Runway Audio in Nashville, a city full of VIP artists, and get a person, and a friendly helpful pleasant one to talk to and deal with at that! Please don't get so successful and big that you lose that guys! Thanks for improving my live presentation. It makes me look forward to playing again!

David Goodman
Runway Audio Cables Are the Best!

With my first guitar cable, the difference was amazing. I then purchased 3 XLR cables. Remarkable improvement! My overall stage sound is warm, rich, and the best it has ever been in five decades of live performance. State of the art. Treat yourself to these amazing cables. Worth every dollar!

Steven Kekai Chock
A bit more classy🤙

Liked the xlr connectors… fir beautifully, nice compact design great gloss paint, and it had no problem inserting into my Sennheiser 935 and my Telefunken M80🤙 .as well as to a Bose P.A. Clear and perhaps a more focused result of the cable… different, but likeable👏👏🙏🤙😁 Kekai Chock