XLR Microphone Cable



Our XLR Cabling is made with 20 AWG wiring and 95% Braided Shielding


Gold tip G&H Plugs with metal enclosure

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Runway Audio XLR Cables

Just like the custom instrument cables, our hand-made XLR cables are built with two simple goals in mind: to preserve your tone and to withstand the rigors of the road. Our XLR cables are made using the highest quality components on the market today. Our G&H plugs boast gold points of contact for ultimate clarity and fullness while the signal travels through 2 conductor 20 AWG stranded high connectivity oxygen-free bare copper, 95% braided shielding cable. Additionally, all cables are wrapped in a rugged and no-knotting TechFlex coating to give the cable extra strength and durability. All our cables come in a variety of colors to make sure your gear pops no matter what gig you are on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Kevin Farrell
Red XLRs and Aqua Instrument cables.

Fantastic cables. Looks great!

Brandon Breland

The absolute best cables I have ever used. I can’t wait to replace every cable I have with Runway Cables. The company is incredible to talk with and so helpful. They really are second to none.

steven courtemanche
Testing, 1, 2, Testing...

Quality product, quality experience, quality company. Anything I need that they make I will buy. That should be clear enough! It's great to have these XLR cables because what does a musician fear more than a mic cord failure? The standard industry XLR is planned obsolescence. This product removes all doubt!

Bob Huber
You just know it

Beautiful cable with exceptionally smooth connections. As you take a good look at it, that's when you say "yup ". Very solid build without the bulkiness of some other manufacturers .
In the words of Arnold Swartsnegger " I'll be back "

Larry Pearre
Simply The Best

Runway Audio cables are reliable, durable, efficient and quiet. I have used cables from many other companies, professionally for many years. Runway Audio cables are simply the best I have ever used.