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14 gauge speaker cable perfect for most amp and cab setups. High quality and extremely durable G&H plugs make set up and tear down a breeze. Limited Lifetime Warranty Included!

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Customer Reviews

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Rich Perry

My order history clearly shows what I think of Runway Audio. However, as a studio owner, I have to remain cognizant of all quality products. Recently, I have been exploring Rattlesnake cables and I find them equal with reguards to quality but are a little cheaper…something for me to consider, undoubtedly. This is good news for consumers. It seems to be a trend when it comes musical products in general (from guitars all the way down to picks), I’m hopeful that companies like yours continue produce, promote and provide at this standard for years to come. Thanks for listening/reading.

Scott Ayotte
5' speaker Cable

I have noticed a significant difference in clarity and quietness from my previous speaker cable, which was high end and more expensive. I feel this cable is of great quality in its sound and construction! I have also purchased 2 guitar cables from Runway that are superior to the Monster Pro-link series that I have been using for decades.

harry jones

Great cables! I expect these to outlast me!

Jerry Quintero

Great quality cable for my rig.

Eric Davis
Great cables

Great cables; quick service; great sound - thanks!