This is our setup estimator that will give you a rough estimate of how much it might cost to get your pedal board set up by Runway Audio. Set ups usually include custom cable lengths for both patch and power cables, layout suggestions, power supply mounting, and more customizable options. If you would like a more in-depth explanation of what a setup by us might entail, check out our blog post on it here.
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As a high-quality instrument cable manufacturer and custom pedalboard builder in Nashville, we want to work with you to create the perfect board. Pedalboards are as unique as playing styles and we want to build a custom pedalboard that fits your sound. Whether that means setting up a board from scratch or cleaning up an existing board with our hand-soldered patch cables and cable management, we'll get your board working right the first time, every time. Ready to take your sound to a new level? Check out our instrument leads and custom pedalboards for sale. Got questions about building your board or how our cables will interface with our custom pedalboard setups? Call us or use our contact form! As an experienced custom pedalboard builder in Nashville, we’ve worked with every type of musician and audio technician—so we’ve got the expertise needed to ensure that your pedalboard is in tune with your individual sound.