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Custom Instrument Cables in Nashville

Here at Runway Audio, we have worked hard to create a custom instrument cable that lives up to our standards. We wanted a high-end instrument cable that preserved tone and minimized signal loss. Low-quality cables can cut off high frequencies and make instruments sound flat and muffled. Our goal was to make a cable that looked great and stood out as a piece of a musician's gear—no longer just an afterthought.

This instrument lead fulfills our goals. With one of the lowest capacitances in the industry, our Nashville-made high-end instrument cables minimize tone loss, especially in the high-end frequencies. This preserves your tone, so your playing can sound like it was meant to. The cable's outer sleeving lets it shine in awesome colors as well as protect it from the world and help it to wrap cleanly.

We hand-solder each custom instrument cable in Nashville, so it may take up to two weeks to ship. We stand behind our product with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.


ST — Straight Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug

RA — Right Angle Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug

For custom length and color options, please use our custom shop form.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Manny M
Top Tier

I’m in love with this cable, it’s become a key part in my gear.
The quality it’s top tier. It also looks and feels great. Definitely recommend. 10/10

Amazing Quality

Perfect quality and look! The perfect combination. Absolutely no Leone loss and some restoration of top end clarity. Thank you RUNWAY AUDIO! See my full review here:

marc rosen
From A Satisfied Customer

I was using fairly expensive music store cables, but when I A/B'd a Runway Audio - plugging a Guild X500 into a Deluxe Reverb - Yikes!! What a difference! There was a clarity that I hadn't heard before. I immediately ordered two more cables.

Jason Kocis
Blown Away!!

As a Touring Musician and Guitar Tech for many "Elite" players over the last 30 years, I can truly say that these Runway Audio instrument cables are absolutely incredible!! I purchased a 20 ft. Red instrument cable and A/B'd it with my Mogami Platinum (which is over twice the price) and was shocked. I'm an absolute tone chaser and gearhead since the beginning, and this cable's noise floor, transparency and build quality is second to none. I can't wait to try the patch cables, speaker and XLRs. I'll be recommending these to all my Compadres in the Biz at this Spring/Summer's US and European festivals. A job well done!!!

Rich Mirsky
The real deal

So happy to support an American instrument cable company. I bought 2 15 ft guitar cables and they get their debut performance today at a gig. I tested them in my bedroom, most excellent and noiseless and HEAVY. Only cable I'll ever buy, moving forward!