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Our instrument cables are made with low-capacitance cabling at 20pF/ft, meaning they have the least amount of tone loss from any cable on the market. We use 20 AWG wire with 95% braided shielding all encased in Techflex for tour-grade protection and style.


ST - Straight Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug
RA - Right Angle Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug
SILENT - Straight Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug With Auto- Silent

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We stand behind our product with a Lifetime Manufacturer guarantee.

*Silent plugs come with a 2-year warranty, and after this period, a $20 repair fee applies.

Custom Instrument Cables in Nashville

Here at Runway Audio, we have worked hard to create a custom instrument cable that lives up to our standards. We wanted a high-end instrument cable that preserved tone and minimized signal loss. Low-quality cables can cut off high frequencies and make instruments sound flat and muffled. Our goal was to make a cable that looked great and stood out as a piece of a musician's gear—no longer just an afterthought.

This instrument lead fulfills our goals. With one of the lowest capacitances in the industry, our Nashville-made high-end instrument cables minimize tone loss, especially in the high end frequencies. This preserves your tone, so your playing can sound like it was meant to. The cable's outer sleeving lets it shine in awesome colors as well as protect it from the world and help it to wrap cleanly.

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What Makes a
Runway Audio
Cable a Runway
Audio Cable?


20 AWG
Wiring with 95%
Braided Shielding
& 20pF/ft

G&H Plugs

Gold &
Gunmetal Casings
with Straight or


Style &

Heat Shrink

& Ground

Cable Specs

Our instrument cables are made with low-capacitance cabling at 20pF/ft, meaning they have the least amount of tone loss from any cable on the market

We use 20 AWG wire with 95% braided shielding all encased in Techflex for tour-grade protection and style topped with G&H Gold and Gunmetal Plugs

Capacitance: Like Golf, The Lower The Better!

At a capacitance of just 20 pf/Ft, our cables allow you to get more out of your gear. Capacitance is the measure of tone loss and our cables are practically lossless!

Hearing is believing in the audio world and with Runway Audio Cables, you can hear the difference.

Get your cable today and start getting the most out of your gear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 212 reviews
Steven Courtemanche

Striking appearance, first of all. (I bought the aqua.) My acoustic duo buddy and I had taken pride in how long our previous chords had lasted. How silly! We have all this great, expensive equipment (guitars, preamps, PA) and these janky old cables that were literally 10 years old. And we play out 2-3 times a week. A guitar is only as good as the signal's weakest link. We both bought two cables for our acoustic duo setup and have not stopped commenting about how much better the sound is. It's ridiculous! Why oh why did we suffer so long in relative mud?? We have a Martin and a Collings with K&Ks, Fishman Tone-deqs and a sweet Bose tower system, and now they SING baby. They SING. There is punch, crunch, clarity and articulation. Enjoyable at low volumes and high. THANK YOU Runway Audio--for the best gift I have ever bought me.

And they're guaranteed for LIFE? C'mon! HUZZAH

Thomas Koehn
Quite possibly the best guitar cables I have ever owned.

I have used my Runway Guitar Cables a few times since purchasing them. The look and feel of the cables is what first grabbed me. Then I began playing through them and almost immediately noticed more clarity on all strings up and down the fret board. I would describe it as a pure, clean sound…..the way a guitar was meant to sound. While I can’t speak to the durability of these cables having owned them for less than a month, I can see that they are made to last and have no doubt I will be using them for a long time. I will be purchasing additional Runway Cables very soon.


I like the cable. It’s working great and I’m happy with it.

Jason Harris
I am a believer !!

I saw this company on social media and did some research on the cables. I play bass and have (what I consider) good gear and for years I have purchased what I feel are great cables but never really considered what "low capacitance" meant. After listening to the YouTube videos of the Runway company, I took the plunge and simply could NOT be happier. The feel of the cable is was what grabbed my attention first. I feels very high quality and I love how reassuring the connection feels when connected to my bass and amp!! And I too doubted that I would notice any difference in the sound but I DID!! I hear more clarity especially on the low notes of my B-string. Also this company has great communication as I ordered the wrong cable-end config I wanted and they answered my request to swap the cable right away and shipped it fast!! I am VERY pleased and should I need another cable, I will look no further!!


my old cables still look this good 👍🏽 which speaks for the quality and durability of these cables, but I do love that new cable smell lol 😂