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Our instrument cables are made with low-capacitance cabling at 20pF/ft, meaning they have the least amount of tone loss from any cable on the market. We use 20 AWG wire with 95% braided shielding all encased in Techflex for tour-grade protection and style.


ST - Straight Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug
RA - Right Angle Gold and Gunmetal Gray G&H Plug

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We stand behind our product with a Lifetime Manufacturer guarantee.

Custom Instrument Cables in Nashville

Here at Runway Audio, we have worked hard to create a custom instrument cable that lives up to our standards. We wanted a high-end instrument cable that preserved tone and minimized signal loss. Low-quality cables can cut off high frequencies and make instruments sound flat and muffled. Our goal was to make a cable that looked great and stood out as a piece of a musician's gear—no longer just an afterthought.

This instrument lead fulfills our goals. With one of the lowest capacitances in the industry, our Nashville-made high-end instrument cables minimize tone loss, especially in the high end frequencies. This preserves your tone, so your playing can sound like it was meant to. The cable's outer sleeving lets it shine in awesome colors as well as protect it from the world and help it to wrap cleanly.

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What Makes a
Runway Audio
Cable a Runway
Audio Cable?


20 AWG
Wiring with 95%
Braided Shielding
& 20pF/ft

G&H Plugs

Gold &
Gunmetal Casings
with Straight or


Style &

Heat Shrink

& Ground

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
D. Drye
The SOUND and consistency! 3 years and never an issue.

I’ve used Runway cables for the last 3 years now, and can attest to the durability, lack of kinks (bc of the wrap), and sound quality. As a touring artist, it’s really great not thinking about where the nearest music store is when my cable bites the dust. That was “when,” not if. Now, my lead cables AND my numerous pedalboard patch cables have had no issues whatsoever, and I have a somewhat complex wiring system that allows me to switch out pedals as well as use an audio loop switcher. And still, no connection issues after these years. Thank you Runway for the peace of mind and great customer service!

Unmatched Quality

I've regularly used high-end cables sold by your typical big names in the world of guitar, but I was looking for cables made in the U.S.A. that reeked of quality and long-lived durability. A touring friend of mine recommended Runway Audio cables, and to misquote one of my favorite jazz tunes: "What a difference a cable makes!." I ordered both Ukrainian National colors to start, and I could not be more impressed with the quality - fit & finish - of the cables. Tonal clarity is top-notch, and the cables I've received are tough!!! I've begun the process of rotating out all my old cables, including my patch cables in favor of nothing but Runway Audio cables.

The folks answering the phones, and handling emails... super friendly and responsive. I couldn't be happier with making Runway Audio my preferred audio cable.

Manny M
Top Tier

I’m in love with this cable, it’s become a key part in my gear.
The quality it’s top tier. It also looks and feels great. Definitely recommend. 10/10

Amazing Quality

Perfect quality and look! The perfect combination. Absolutely no tone loss and some restoration of top end clarity. Thank you RUNWAY AUDIO! See my full review here:

marc rosen
From A Satisfied Customer

I was using fairly expensive music store cables, but when I A/B'd a Runway Audio - plugging a Guild X500 into a Deluxe Reverb - Yikes!! What a difference! There was a clarity that I hadn't heard before. I immediately ordered two more cables.