Square Plug Patch Cable DIY Kit


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With the Runway Audio Square Plug Patch Cable DIY Kit, you will be getting pro level cable quality and tidiness at a price any player can afford. By pairing the SP400 with Runway Audio’s ultra-low capacitance cabling, you will be able to build the best sounding and most versatile patch on the market to date all custom to your rig. The Runway Audio Square Plug Patch Cable DIY Kit sets  you up to have the best sounding and cleanest board at every gig you roll up to. 

Customer Reviews

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Mike Viles
Great patch cables

I had been using solder-less patch cables. These are better sounding and more reliable. I really like the soldering tab for the ground wire. The cable is very flexible which is great for tight turns on a my pedal board.

Bill Nicolson
High Quality Connectors and Cable!

I made up (7) custom patch cables of various lengths and shapes for my (8) pedal board.
I bought the (20) square plug SP400 kit and soldered up the cables in a few hours over a couple days.
The connectors are very low profile and the cable is very flexible.
When soldering the cable to the plugs, I was very satisfied with the quality of the cable, which was not brittle and easy to strip.
I replaced some George L's cables I had on my board after having several intermittent problems with the screw/crimp design.
The George L's are field repairable, but who want to mess with that at a gig or practice.
I'll plan on just carrying a couple of (1) foot Runway spares instead, solder connections are always better than crimp.
The connectors have great strain relief, so I really do not anticipate and problems with them.

Jim Sokolowski
Satisfaction !

High quality, excellent price point, stellar customer service. What else could I ask for !!! 1000% Satisfaction !